Qingzhong Li

liqingzhong Biography
Qingzhong Li, male, professor, PhD supervisor of shandong university, was born in April 1965, in 1986 graduated from the Department of Computer Science, shandong University, in 1989 graduated from the Department of Computer Science, shandong University, in 2000 Institute of Computing Technology is eligible his Ph.D. He is China Computer Society database committee members, China Institute of computer software committee members, China Computer Federation of e-government and office automation committee members, Jinan City, data integration and intelligent analysis of outstanding innovation team of academic leaders. He talks on object-oriented approach, database system and many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Presided over the national and provincial project more than 20,guidance of PhD graduates more than 20 people, He won Shandong province, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology progress Award second prize, third prize award six times. He has published more than 80 papers at the meeting of domestic and foreign journals. Contact:lqz@sdu.edu.cn


Database systems
IT service management
Object-oriented method

Research Interests

Data science and intelligent data analysis,data computing and cloud computing software architecture


1.The professional qualification service system of public basic supporting platform research and development, the key project of national science and technology support plan project, 2010.01 to 2012.06
2.Saas application oriented credible data management research, the key problem of major research projects of national natural science fund breeding programs,2009.01 to 2011.12
3.Some key problems of SaaS application delivery platform of research, the key project of natural science foundation of shandong province, 2009.12 to 2012.12
4.The SaaS model of community information service platform, information industry development of shandong province special fund (key project), 2009.7 to 2010.12
5.Support the real-time analysis of big data platform for research and development, focus on research and development plan in shandong province, 2015.1 to 2016.12

Scientific research awards

1.Support multiple industry professional qualification service and operation platform, in shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2011

2.Medical application integration platform, the shandong province science and technology progress third prize, 2007


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