Xinjun Wang

wangxinjun Biography
Xinjun Wang,male,  professor, PhD supervisor of Shandong University, was born in February 1968. In 1989, he graduated from computer science department of Shandong University. In 1992, he got master degree in computer science department of Shandong University. In  2004, he received a doctorate in engineering in Shandong University. He is a leading group for information construction of Shandong province expert group members, deputy director of the China education and research network center of Shandong province, director of the electronic commerce research center of Shandong university, Jinan big data integration and intelligent analysis of outstanding innovation team of academic leaders. He taught many main specialized courses, such as Data structure, database and knowledge base system principle and so on. He host and participate in the national science and technology support plan, the national natural science foundation of China and other countries and more than 20 provincial projects. He was awarded the second prize and the third prize of Shandong province science and technology progress award six times. He has published over 60 papers at important periodical meeting home and abroad. He published a book, guided seven PhD students.


Data structure
Database and knowledge base system principle

Research Interests

Database, software engineering, data science and intelligent data analysis


1.Based on the network of digital publishing resources of heaven and earth to project a cloud service application and integration, the key project of national science and technology support plan
2. Professional qualification service system of public basic supporting platform research and development, the key project of national science and technology support plan project, 2010.01 to 2012.06
3. The intelligent application mode the key issues in the research process, the national natural science fund project, 2007.01 to 2009.12
4. Social security intelligence service platform research and development and promotion of independent innovation of shandong, major projects, 2013.7 to 2015.7
5. Ad-hoc query oriented database keyword retrieval technology research, the natural science fund project in shandong province, 2010.10 to 2013.10

Scientific research awards

1.Shandong province research and development of modern distance education platform and resources, scientific and technological progress second prize in shandong province, 2003

2. Medical insurance management information system, scientific and technological progress second prize in shandong province, 2003

3. The hospital information management system based on medical integration platform, the shandong province science and technology progress third prize, 2007

4. Intelligent electricity information acquisition and processing technology research and application, the third prize of the shandong province science and technology prize, 2013


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