Yuliang Shi

shiyuliang Biography
Yuliang Shi, male, associate professor of shandong university, master mentor. Born in October 1978, Bachelor degree graduated from computer science department of shandong university in 2000. In 2003, master graduate from computer science and technology college of shandong university. In 2006, received a doctorate in engineering in fudan university. He is the deputy director of  compute  software and data engineering research center of shandong university, the calculation of collaborative computing for China computer society service branch committee member shandong taishan industry leading talent. He teaches software engineering, the object-oriented development technology, the database design and implementation and many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He host and participate in the national science and technology support plan, the national natural science foundation of China, shandong province science and technology development plan, shandong province natural science foundation of China and other countries and more than 10 provincial projects. He has published more than 20 papers in the important domestic or foreign journals. Contact: shiyuliang@sdu.edu.cn


Software engineering
Object-oriented development technology
Database design and implementation

Research Interests

Cloud computing, large-scale data management, privacy protection


1. The cloud computing environment for multi-tenant application data privacy protection mechanism research, the national natural science fund project, 2013.01 to 2016.12
2. The health professional and technical qualification examination service system demonstration project,Key project of national science and technology support plan project, 2010.01-2012.06
3. Transport multiple data intelligent analysis and decision-making technology r&d and demonstration,Independent innovation in shandong province major projects, 2015.07 to 2017.07
4. Multi-tenant application software delivery platform oriented research and development,Shandong province science and technology development projects, 2011.01 to 2012.12
5. SaaS application oriented data privacy protection mechanism research,Shandong province natural science fund project, 2010.10 to 2013.10

Scientific research awards

1. Support multiple industry professional qualification service and operation platform,Shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2011

2. Intelligent large-scale electricity information acquisition and processing technology research and application,The third prize of the science and technology prize, 2013 in shandong province

3. The rural social insurance management information system,Computer application in shandong province outstanding prize, 2010

4. Based on the high performance of ARM processor developed multi-functional low-voltage power collector,Excellent achievement of computer application in shandong province second prize, 2010


1.A Multi-Tenant Memory Management Mechanism for Cloud Data Storage,Journal of Computer Research and Development(EI), 2014.11

2.Automatic Composition of Web Services Based on Task Dependency Specification,Journal of Computer Research and Development(EI), 2006.12

3.Compatibility and Substitutability Analysis of Web Services Composition,Journal of Computer Research and Development(EI), 2007.11

4.TLA Based Customization and Verification Mechanism of Business Process for SaaS, Chinese Journal of Computers(EI), 2010.11

5.Research on Data Combination Privacy Preservation Mechanism for SaaS, Chinese Journal of Computers(EI), 2010.11

6.Multi-Tenant Database Memory Management Based on Chunk Folding, Chinese Journal of Computers(EI), 2011.12

7.A Novel Cloud Data Fragmentation Cluster-based Privacy Preserving Mechanism,International Journal of Grid Distribution Computing,2014.8

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10.A New QoS Prediction Approach Based on User Clustering and Regression Algorithms, ICWS 2011(EI), 2011.7