Guoqing Dong

DongGuoqing Biography
Guoqing Dong, male, associate professor, master tutor of Shandong University, was born in October 1967. In 1990, he graduated from computer science department of Shandong University. In 1993, He received a master’s degree in computer science and technology college of shandong university. He taught many main specialized courses, such as Object-oriented technology, Team software process and so on. He host and participate in the national science and technology support plan, in shandong province science and technology development plan, in shandong province natural science foundation of shandong province, the research award fund for outstanding young scientists and other countries and more than 10 provincial projects and major lateral projects. He has repeatedly won the progress prize in science and technology, computer application in shandong province outstanding achievement award of shandong province. He has published more than 20 important journals and conferences both at home and abroad, some was collected by EI. Contact:


Team software process
Object-oriented technology

Research Interests

Data science and intelligent data analysis


1.Based on the intelligent terminal equipment of CNGI power demand side management and monitoring network, the national development and reform commission, the industrialization of special project, 2009.1 to 2010.12
2.The four dimensional space model of the virtual display, natural science fund project in shandong province, 2007.12 to 2010.12
3.The community agile processes in cloud computing environment research, research award fund for outstanding young scientists project in shandong province, 2010.12 to 2013.12
4.Public service cloud platform research and development, the shandong province science and technology development projects, 2010.01 to 2011.12
5.Social power energy saving oriented information service platform, information industry development of shandong province special fund (key project), 2009.07 to 2010.12

Scientific research awards

1.Labor market management information system, in shandong province science and technology progress award, 2009

2.Support multiple industry professional qualification service and operation platform, in shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2011

3. The medical application integration platform, the shandong province science and technology progress third prize, 2007


1. Using a prefix encoding efficiency of XML query strategies, journal of shandong university (science edition), 2007.11

2.The Technology of Mining Association Rules and Periodicity of Non-numerical Attribute from Temporal Database, Journal of Computational Information Systems (EI), 2008.2

3.OpinMiner: Extracting Feature-Opinion Pairs with Dependency Grammar from Chinese
Product Reviews, WISA 2012(EI), 2012.11

4.Dual-Kad:Kademlia-Based Query Processing Strategies for P2P Data Integration, WISA 2012(EI), 2012.11

5.A Framework for Incremental Deep Web Crawler Based on URL Classification, WISM 2011(EI), 2011.9

6.A New Labeling Scheme using Vectors Based on Polar coordinate system for Dynamic XML Data, PACCS 2010(EI), 2010.8

7.A New Labeling Scheme for XML Trees Based on Mesh Partition, The 2010 International Conference on Future Computer and Communication (EI), 2010.5

8.A New Architecture of Online Trading Platform Based on Cloud Computing, APWCS 2010 (EI), 2010.4

9.A Graphical Method for Reference Reconciliation, MCIS 2010 (EI), 2010.4

10.Improvement of Kademlia Based on Physical Location, WISA 2013(EI),2013.9