Wei He

hewei Biography
Wei He, male, Senior engineer of shandong university, Master tutor. Was born in June 1972, Bachelor degree graduated from computer science department of shandong university, In 1994. In 1999, master degree in computer science department of shandong university, In 2009, received a doctorate in engineering in shandong university. He teaches Software engineering, Web technology and many professional courses. He host and participate in national science and technology support plan, the national natural science foundation of China, shandong province science and technology development plan, Research award fund for outstanding young scientists project in shandong province, and presided over more than 10 national and provincial projects. He won the progress first prize in science and technology of shandong province and the progress second prize in science and technology of shandong province, and excellent achievement  in computer application. He has published more than 20 papers in the computer journal, journal of software of domestic and international journals conference. More papers were recorded by SCI, EI.  Contact:hewei@sdu.edu.cn


Software engineering
Web technology

Research Interests

Data computing and cloud computing software architecture,Personalized recommendation, process management and services,Intelligent data analysis and forecasting


1.The community research on agile processes in cloud computing environment,Research award fund for outstanding young scientists project in shandong province, 2010.12 to 2013.12
2.Network service aggregation and collaborative approachbased on granular computing,The national natural science fund project, 2011.01 to 2013.12
3.The social public service cloud platform research and development,Shandong province science and technology development projects, 2010.01 to 2011.12
4.Based on service oriented architecture of power demand side monitoring center master station system,Shandong province high and new technology innovation project, 2007.10 to 2008.12

Scientific research awards

1.The labor market management information system,Shandong province science and technology progress award, 2009

2.Based on the OSGI architecture platform for the integration of human resources and social security,Shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2012

3.The intelligent electricity information acquisition and processing technology research and application,The third prize of the science and technology prize, 2013 in shandong province

4.Remote information for system,Shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2005

5.Automatic database online backup system,Computer application in shandong province outstanding prize, 2005


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