Ming Sun

SunMing Biography
Ming Sun, male, associate professor, master tutor of Shandong University, was born in December 1972. In 1994, He graduated from computer science department of Shandong university. In 1997, He received a master’s degree in computer science and technology college of Shandong university. He taught many main specialized courses, such as “The data structure”, “Data structure course design” and so on. the national science and technology support plan, the national natural science funds, special industrialization of the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and electronic information industry development fund, in Shandong province natural science foundation of China and other countries and provincial scientific research and industrialization projects that he host and participate in more than ten. He won a scientific and technological progress second prize, second prize in many scientific and technological progress in Shandong province, the ministry of education and computer application in Shandong province outstanding achievements won awards. He has published more than ten domestic and foreign journals and conference in the computer integrated manufacturing system, many of them were collected by EI. Contact:sunming@sdu.edu.cn


The data structure
Data structure course design

Research Interests

Data science and intelligent data analysis


1.Relational database query keywords on some frontier problems of research, the national natural science fund project, 2011.01 to 2011.12
2.The people’s livelihood service operation support platform based on SOA development and application of electronic information industry, ministry of industry development fund projects, 2012.07 to 2014.06
3.The database for ad-hoc query keywords retrieval technology research, the natural science fund project in shandong province, 2010.10 to 2013.10

Scientific research awards

1.Labor market management information system, in shandong province science and technology progress award, 2009

2.Based on the OSGI architecture platform for the integration of human resources and social security, shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2012

3.The intelligent electricity information acquisition and processing technology research and application, the third prize of the shandong province science and technology prize, 2013

4.Remote information for system, scientific and technological progress second prize in shandong province, 2005

5.Medical insurance management information system, scientific and technological progress second prize in shandong province, 2003


1.DIFP: A Candidate Facet Generation Optimization Method towards Keyword-driven
Analytical Processing, JCIS2013 (EI), 2013.3

2.A Web entity information extraction method based on SVM and AdaBoost, computer application and software, 2013.4

3.Multiple data warehouse under the environment of active data update algorithm, computer integrated manufacturing system (EI), 2006.5

4.A model for multistage SaaS application customization caching technology research, computer applications and software, 2011.11

5. The temporal logic of active database, computer engineering and application, 2004.4

6.Quality Estimation of Deep Web Data Sources for Data Fusion, Procedia Engineering(EI), 2012.2

7.Context-awareness Based Task Deployment and Migration Model in Pervasive Environment, ICPCA 2008 (EI), 2008.10