Hui Li

LiHui Biography
Hui Li, female, associate professor of shandong university, was born in April 1967, bachelor degree graduated from Hohai University computer science department in 1989, master degree in computer science and technology college of Shandong University in 2001, received a doctorate in engineering in shandong university in 2010. She mainly teaches database system, database design and realization and other undergraduate and graduate courses. She presided over and participated in more than 10 national and provincial projects and horizontal projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, national development and Reform Commission of China’s industrialization, Shandong province science and technology development plan, Shandong Province Natural Science Foundation and so on. She has published in the Journal of communication and other important journals and conferences in China and other countries more than ten papers, many articles were included in EI, won the Shandong provincial science and Technology Progress Award, Outstanding achievement award of computer application in Shandong Province.


The database system
Database design and Implementation
Software testing

Research Interests

The software architecture and business process


1.Research on Key Technologies of multidimensional analysis of content and structured data、Project of  National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011.01-2011.12
2.Research on structured and unstructured data analysis and processing technology based on key words、Project of Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province, 2009.12-2012.12
3.Cloud service resource status and service quality monitoring management platform、Science and technology development project of Shandong Province, 2010.01-2011.12
4.Research and development of social public service cloud platform、Science and technology development project of Shandong Province, 2010.01-2011.12
5.Community information service platform based on SaaS model、Special funds for the development of information industry in Shandong Province(key project), 2009.7-2010.12

Scientific research awards

1.Remote information reporting system、Shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2005

2.Medical insurance management information system、Shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2003

3.Rural social insurance management information system、
the first prize of outstanding achievements in computer applications in Shandong Province, 2010


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2.Automatic web service composition in Virtual Industry Alliance,Computer science, 2005.7

3.Smart Registry: A New Mechanism for Efficient Web Service Discovery, Journal ofComputational Information Systems(EI), 2007.10

4.An Automatic Configuration Method for Teaching Management Process, GCIS 2009(EI), 2009.5

5.Virtual Travel Agency Based on Web Services, CSCWD 2008(EI), 2008.4

6.Running Smart Process Based on Goals, CSCWD 2008(EI), 2008.4

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8.A Method of Service Description and Discovery in Pervasive Computing Environments,SPCA 2006(EI), 2006.8

9.A Ontology-Based Model for Context-Aware, SPCA 2006(EI), 2006.8

10.Power Analysis System Based on Data Warehouse, The 2006 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering, 2006.6