Guozhen Ren

RenGuoZhen Biography
Guozhen Ren, male, associate professor of Shandong University, was born in March 1970. In 1991, He graduated from computer science department of Shandong university. In 1995, He received a master’s degree in computer science and technology college of Shandong university. In 2012, he received a doctor’s degree in engineering of Shandong university. He taught many main specialized courses, such as Linux application base, The Linux kernel analysis  and so on, the national science and technology support plan, the national natural science funds, Shandong province science and technology development plans, Shandong province natural science foundation of China and other countries and provincial projects and major lateral that he host and participate in more than ten. He won Progress prize in science and technology in shandong province and Shandong province outstanding achievement in computer application many times. He has published more than ten domestic and foreign journals and conference in the computer integrated manufacturing system, many of them were collected by EI. Contact:


Linux application base
The Linux kernel analysis

Research Interests

Massive data management


1.The credible data management of the key problems of the application of Saas oriented research, major research projects of national natural science fund breeding programs, 2009.01 to 2011.12
2.Some key problems of SaaS application delivery platform of research, the key project of natural science foundation of shandong province, 2009.12 to 2012.12
3.The SaaS application oriented data privacy protection mechanism research, natural science fund project in shandong province, 2010.10 to 2013.10
4.Multi-tenant application software delivery platform oriented research and development, in shandong province science and technology development projects, 2010.01 to 2011.12
5.The SaaS model of community information service platform, information industry development of shandong province special fund (key project), 2009.7 to 2010.12

Scientific research awards

1.Support multiple industry professional qualification service and operation platform, in shandong province scientific and technological progress second prize, 2011

2.The remote information for system, scientific and technological progress second prize in shandong province, 2005

3.Medical insurance management information system, scientific and technological progress second prize in shandong province, 2003


1.Eliminate clause redundancy and complexity of algorithm, computer research and development (EI), 1996.11

2.A Confidentiality Guarantee Mechanism for SaaS, Enterprise Interoperability 4th international IFIP Working Conferece(EI), 2012.9

3.Indexing Temporal XML Using N-Dimensional Space, Journal of Computational Information Systems (EI), 2007.10

4.Discovering the Most Suitable Web Service in Collaboration Environment, CSCWD 2007(EI), 2007.4

5.Group flow: the workflow prototype system to solve the problem of Group members collaboration, computer science, 2005.7

6.Build a data warehouse of workflow, computer science, 2005.5

7.The accuracy of timing constraint in workflow validation studies, computer engineering, 2004.11

8.Event-driven distributed workflow technology, its application in the medical insurance information system, computer engineering and application of 2005.8

9.Noisy BB84 quantum cryptographic protocols, computer engineering and application, 2003

10.Current situation and trend of development of the Internet information security technology, communication technology, 2001.6